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Converged Networks has decades of experience in the telecom industry. We are much more flexible in our response times than the bigger players because we are a company that is owned by its employees and we all want to ensure the success of our business and yours. The most important goal in mind is the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We are committed to exceed our customer’s expectations by ensuring excellent work ethics with attention to detail that seems to be lacking in today’s world of communications. 

Cloud Telephony Solutions

Our Cloud Telephony Solutions or virtual phone system, means no costly equipment, maintenance or upgrades. We are responsible for the hardware and software, including system upgrades. 

We give your organisation access to low-cost and free IP calling to and from anywhere in the world.

Our Cloud Telephony Solutions puts a huge range of smart call management features at your fingertips

Microsoft Teams® Integration (don’t need a Teams enabled IP phone)

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SIP Trunks

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking is a method of sending voice and other unified communications services over the internet. It works with an IP-enabled PBX (Private Branch Exchange). SIP trunking replaces traditional telephone lines or PRIs (Primary Rate Interface). 

Each SIP trunk supports SIP channels. A SIP channel is equivalent to one incoming or outgoing call. A SIP trunk can hold an unlimited number of channels, so users only need one SIP trunk no matter how many concurrent calls they expect. The number of channels required depends on how many calls the business will make at any one time.

You don't need an IP phone system to use these type of phone lines

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Surveillance (CCTV)

As people want more security of property and personal safety, the Video Surveillance system becomes more and more popular in the world. If you live in a big city, you can find those cameras everywhere. 

From a 2 camera system to a 32 camera system all in Ultra HD.

Protect Your Family, Home, Employees and Business.

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